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"Monique is an incredibly competent BCBA.  Not only is she knowledgeable, compassionate, thoughtful and thorough in her work with students, but she possesses rare abilities to communicate effectively with all members of complex teams, and is supportive, clear and concise in her communication with parents and caregivers.  She is a strong advocate for her students, and works tirelessly for them and their families.  Having worked with many BCBAs throughout my career, Monique is without a doubt the most effective at leading teams and creating supportive behavior change for students and their families."

Elementary School Principal

"Monique works with “the most challenging of the challenging” when it comes to behavioral needs. She works directly (in schools, homes, and community settings) with children with profound, complex behaviors. For a variety of reasons (e.g., Autism, abuse/trauma, brain injury, intellectual disability, etc.) these children are physically aggressive to themselves and/or others, they are disruptive in home and learning environments, and they are unable to build social connections with peers or adults.

Monique can walk into a room (or a home) with a child she has never met and, literally within a minute, she has connected in a positive way with that child and she already has some sense of what the underlying issues may be. I have seen her do this countless times, and it is amazing to watch. She expertly assesses the cause(s) of the behaviors, develops a solid plan of interventions, then works tirelessly with the team of people involved to model and teach them how to successfully implement the plan. She monitors each child closely and provides ongoing support – sometimes for years.

Anyone who has ever seen Monique “in action” with a child, or has interacted with her professionally, comes away from the experience with the positive feelings of awe and respect of having seen a true expert at work. I have worked with numerous BCBA's in my 20+ year career and she is the absolute best at every aspect of the job! I enthusiastically recommend the services of her company!"

Director of Counseling Services

"Monique’s expertise in applied behavior analysis has been shown to help even the most difficult students. Her knowledge about behavior programming transformed my classroom into a safer and happy place. She used a unique approach with each student and got to know them as individuals. Most importantly of all was her commitment and excitement to helping challenging students."

Special Education Teacher

"Monique has been so great with my son with SO many behavioral problems. Everything from temper tantrums, running off, sensory problems, yelling, hitting & kicking, spitting, to potty training & eating foods he wouldn't touch. He listens to you & does what you tell him (eventually ) when he wouldn't do it for anyone else. Best of all he LOVES you! He loves seeing you & working with you even though he knows he will have to work hard with you. He is SO proud of himself when he does what you asked him correctly. When he does it right at home he asks me to "call Ms. Monique and tell her, please?" You are the absolute BEST help we have gotten with him & have been a life saver to my husband & I on MANY occasions! We can't thank you enough & are so happy he's getting to work with you."


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